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Acupuncture in Denver Blog

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 Oh…My Aching Back!!! Are You Tired of the Nagging Low Back Pain?

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Have you ever been layed up in bed, with the pillow over your head, wishing the room would stop spinning and the pain would just stop?

Migraines and headaches can be life altering for those who suffer from them. Not only is there debilitating pain, but other effects are also common. These include: sleep problems, irritability, disturbed concentration, sensitivity to light, nausea and/or vomiting and fatigue. It is really difficult to enjoy work or family functions when you are suffering from a migraine or severe headache. In fact, you just may not want to get out of bed and face the day!

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New Studies Show Acupuncture Provides Relief from Pain

Pain relief studies show that people suffering from acute and chronic pain are getting significant relief. Three recent research studies on the relationship between pain relief and acupuncture in the last 10 years have shown promising results.

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Acupuncture treats sciatica successfully and with excellent results!

Sciatica is not a diagnosis in itself but a combination of symptoms that refers to the pain caused by compression or irritation of one or more nerves exiting the lower spine that make up the sciatic nerve. This is an important distinction because there can be a variety of causes of the pain and the treatment will vary depending on the etiology. The sciatic nerve is located in the back of the leg and often the pain will start in the lower back and then travel down the buttock and leg along this nerve. The blockage of the sciatic nerve can lead to a sharp, stabbing pain or more of a deep, bothersome ache. Or you may also experience a numbness or weakness in the area.

You may be here because you or someone close to you has a digestive disorder that is having a noticeable effect on your life!

A wide range of symptoms for digestive disorders may include:

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Acupuncture is as effective in treating emotional conditions as physical complaints

Millions of Americans experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. One in ten is taking an antidepressant or anti-anxiety prescription medication. Antidepressants are the most widely prescribed medication, even surpassing cholesterol-lowering drugs. While this may work for some people, many find that the medications do not help their depression for a variety of reasons, including:

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Pain and Its Cost

Pain can be either acute or chronic. Acute pain is a normal sensation triggered by the nervous system (an alarm) to alert you and your body that possible injury may have occurred and you need to take care of yourself.

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You too can be one of the millions of people who are using acupuncture to improve your health.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical practices in the world and is over 2500 hundred years old. By understanding the basics of acupuncture, you will learn why this age old medicine is receiving more and more acceptance in the US. Although many people think that acupuncture is a "New Age" remedy, it clearly is not! One of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of alternative health practices was conducted in 2002 and found that approximately 8.2 million US adults have tried acupuncture and the numbers are growing annually.

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