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Acupuncture - a Natural, Effective Therapy for Gastrointestinal and Digestive Disorders

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You may be here because you or someone close to you has a digestive disorder that is having a noticeable effect on your life!

A wide range of symptoms for digestive disorders may include:

Common digestive disorders such as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity or Gluten Intolerance can make life very, very difficult.  Even our immune system and brain are effected when our digestive system is not working properly.

This short list of digestive disorder diagnoses and symptoms are, incidentally, only the tip of the iceberg.

Proper, efficient, effective digestion is our fuel for life, health and vitality…and for almost everything that matters.

Actually, as if you didn’t already know, this is really important stuff!

Over the counter medicines may alleviate some of the symptoms but the bothersome symptoms return soon enough and have some surprising side effects.

Prescription medications, while at times medically necessary and life-saving, often come with major side effects and don’t treat the root causes.  These side effects can really put a damper on your health and enjoyment of life.

What can you do if you want a natural way to heal and find your way to vibrant health?

Can Chinese Medicine Help?

Yes, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine offers a safe, effective, natural and drug-free way to treat digestive disorders.

According to Chinese Medicine, the body is like a garden that must be properly cultivated and maintained in order to grow strong and remain healthy.

The health of our digestive system determines our ability to absorb nutrients.  The Spleen and Stomach, Small Intestine and Large Intestine systems’ ability to do their job directly impacts the health of all of our other organs.  If our assimilation of food is not efficient, the basic nourishment of our cells is compromised.  When the digestive system is in balance our food is properly assimilated and is then able to nourish our blood, hormones, immune system and energy in a manner that is beneficial to our life and to those around us.  We are then less stressed and have the energy for life and the things that matter.

In Chinese Medicine, students are taught this simple saying-“The highest of all medicines is the food that we put into our mouths”.

 This is very possibly my favorite maxim because we don’t realize the elegant truth contained in those words.  Our digestive system’s Qi (energy) and fluids can be compromised, depleted and made deficient by a diet and food that is not a good fit for your body’s nutritional needs. Other causes for Digestive Qi Deficiency include the use of antibiotics or other drugs and medications and by excessive worry.  A variety of symptoms, including those mentioned above, can ensue.

Acupuncture works to help strengthen and build the deficient Qi, unblock and move the compromised Qi, resolve the depleted Qi and restore balance to the entire body. 

There are specific acupuncture points to nourish and tonify the Spleen, Stomach, Small Intestine and Large Intestine systems, normalize the stomach acid and bowel functions, “calm the spirit”, alleviate discomfort and pain, and heal damaged tissues. Chinese Medicine is especially effective in rebuilding and strengthening your digestive health.

Contact me if you would like to alleviate your digestive disorders and return to an improved quality of life.

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